Enki: Learn to code

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Enki is your AI-powered work skills coach!

Use it to learn coding, no-code and productivity tools, data skills, and AI tools like ChatGPT.


Think of Enki as an AI-powered technical mentor in your pocket that can:

β˜… Suggest bite-sized exercises based on your goals
β˜… Explain complex concepts in simple language
β˜… Help with hints anytime you're stuck
β˜… Review your code and give you feedback
β˜… Recommend resources based on your needs


● Personalized content suggestions based on your learning preferences
● Coding playground to apply your knowledge
● Interactive questions to stimulate your thinking
● Revision workouts powered by spaced repetition science to maximize retention
● Daily reminders to help you build a learning habit
● Tracked learning streaks to motivate your progress
● Lesson bookmarking for quick access and sharing


You can also learn with others in your company, school, or the Enki community by:

● Engaging in discussions, mentoring other learners, and collaborating on exercises
● Teaming up with friends, co-workers, or peers and tracking each other's progress
● Sharing your favorite lessons with teammates or online

Access 10,000+ lessons in 30+ skills and tools including:

Fundamental coding skills
● Coding Basics
● Computer Science

Programming languages
● From Beginner to Advanced in each
● Python
● JavaScript
● Golang
● TypeScript
● Java

Artificial Intelligence
● ChatGPT
● Generative AI tools
● Machine Learning

Frontend skills
● React
● Web
● Data skills
● Data Science
● Data Analysis
● R

Tech interviews
● Interview prep
● Hiring best practices
● Interview coding exercises

Productivity Tools
● Excel & Google Sheets
● Zapier
● Webflow
● Airtable

● Crypto
● Bitcoin
● NFTs

And more technical topics such as:
● Security
● Functional Programming
● Git
● Regex
● Docker
● MongoDB
● Linux

Over 1.5 million people have used Enki to build and improve their coding, data and other critical skills.

What the media say about us:

"The exercises on Enki are focused on making software developers more productive."
● Forbes

"Ever imagined yourself as a JavaScript whizz, or pulling no punches with Python? Want to get a handle on SQL, or let yourself loose with Linux? Then let Enki be your coding coach, setting you daily workouts that tackle the intricacies of coding languages in bite-sized steps."
● Apple's App Store; featured as app of the day in 100+ countries

"Compared to free reading options this is structured, personalized content. Enki creates a 5-minute "workout" for software developers to learn important concepts in their spare time."
● TechCrunch

"The app supports everyone from beginners to more experienced coders. You can almost think of Enki the same way you would an exercise app. It provides you with daily workouts, but here you’re leveling up your coding skills instead of burning fat and building muscle."
● MakeUseOf

"Enki has one of the most accessible and attractive interfaces out there"
● Career Karma

"Enki adopts a different approach to the apps we’ve seen so far. It makes use of spaced repetition to help you learn specific concepts regarding coding."
● iGeeksBlog

To learn more, visit www.enki.com
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