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Notify IM works for any organisation that wants to improve Near Miss and Incident reporting.

With unlimited App users and simple a user interface, Notify IM quickly increases employee engagement. Real time alerts and intelligent action tracking mean that suggestions for improvement can be logged, tracked and seen through to completion. Start your #safetyrevolution now!

What do I get with Notify IM?

- Access to the Notify IM app and website for your organisation.
- Secure login giving you control over how the App is used.
- As many people as you want reporting to you - just provide them your company passcode.
- Near miss & incident reports completed in under 90 seconds.
- The ability to set up your own organisation hierarchy so that real time alerts go to the people that need to know.
- Confirmations to the reporter include a “thank you” message and a “close out” message once the investigation has been completed.
- Full accountability; Notify lets you identify and track your bottlenecks
Intelligent action tracking so that tasks are completed and business improvements delivered.
- Decide what information and alerts Users receive; customise views and make sure that information is kept relevant and focussed.
- Want to change Users or add a new site? Control changes to the software and implement in a timescale that suits you.
- Dashboards are engaging and insightful. Identify trends and exceptions in seconds providing clear focus on where your biggest challenges lie.
- Investigation process based on HSE standards to ensure consistent processes and that the opportunity for 'free learning' is maximised.
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